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What We Do

Multinational employee surveys

Meeting the needs of large companies located in many places around the world



Focusing on employee's involvement and commitment to their company

Multi-lingual employee surveys

Providing surveys in over 30 languages on-line

How We Do It

We design a custom employee survey based on your needs.  We help you create questions that will maximize our ability to collect valid and reliable data that can be applied to your labor situation.  While some questions are ‘industry standards,’ we expend a great deal of effort to identify a number of questions that pinpoint pressure points in your organization.  This is achieved first by understanding your issues and then formulating a question that is phrased in the exact terms that everyone in your organization will understand.

Surveys are only as good as the questions or content that is used to elicit responses from the survey participants. SDC uses survey design principles that have proven to be successful time and time again.

What We Measure



Diversity & Inclusion

Work Climate


Decision Making

Quality Control


Interpersonal Relations



Performance Management

Compensation & Benefits


Customer Service

Adaptability to Change

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